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Reality check on Cheshire East Council’s boast about reducing use of landfill to dispose of household refuse.

The Labour Group welcomes the reduction in waste sent to landfill by Cheshire East Council. The Labour Group also notes that this has been achieved by sending waste to incinerators in two neighbouring council areas, rather than by recycling more. Yet again we see the Conservatives issuing misleading statements to try and deflect attention from their appalling record of mis-management at Cheshire East Council. 

Conservative Cabinet Member Don Stockton says “We are truly leading the way at Cheshire East with our commitment to transforming our recycling and waste service”, but the reality is that recycling rates have stalled and the Conservatives are relying on two neighbouring councils to incinerate Cheshire East’s waste. Furthermore, any improvements in the Council’s waste service are largely thanks to the actions of the staff of Ansa Environmental Services Ltd, the only wholly owned council company with a Labour director on its board.

Rather than simply burning waste, a Labour-run Cheshire East Council would improve recycling rates (which have stalled), scrap the rubble charges at council tips for residents’ household waste, encourage residents to recycle more and remove the charges at recycling centres which deter residents from recycling responsibly.

Sam Corcoran, Leader of the Labour Group on Cheshire East Council said “I do think the Ansa staff deserve credit for the improvements they have made; they have had to manage and cope with all the disruption of moving from several sites to the central hub.”

Dorothy Flude, Labour Councillor for Crewe South said, “It is sad to see the Cheshire East Conservatives playing party politics over waste disposal – something we should ALL be working together on, both for every householder and for future generations in our beautiful green county of Cheshire.”

Jill Rhodes, Labour Councillor for Crewe West said “Burning waste is not recycling and it is a polluting process. A Labour-run Cheshire East Council would improve recycling rates (which have stalled), and thus contribute to reducing the number of trips by bin wagons to and from the ‘environmental hub’ at Middlewich from places as far apart as Bunbury and Disley.”

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