Labour Party Policy on the Climate Emergency


Starting a Green Revolution

Nationally, Labour will start a Green Industrial Revolution

Our plan for a Green Industrial Revolution will build clean energy for the many, kick-start growth and tackle climate change

  • Creating over 400,000 good, sustainable jobs in the green economy
  • Installing solar panels on nearly 2 million homes (with particular focus on social housing).
  • Building and restoring public transport all across the country
  • Making sure 60% of the UK’s electricity and heat comes from clean, renewable and low carbon sources by 2030
  • Creating a new Clean Air Act to deal with the Conservative legacy of illegal air quality
  • Labour will end fracking

Labour will fund robust flood resilience, and give the Fire and Rescue Services a statutory duty to coordinate and respond to floods

Labour will defend and extend existing environmental legal protections. We will champion sustainable farming, food and fishing by investing in and promoting skills, technology and innovation

Labour will invest in our rural communities to champion sustainable farming and fishing – pioneering “Blue Belts’ in the seas to allow fish to return to British waters

Working with Communities

We know that communities want to help us stop a climate crisis. We will work with communities and business to guarantee the protection and advancement of environmental quality standards.

We will set targets for plastic bottle deposit schemes, working with food manufacturers and retailers to reduce waste. We will protect our bees by prohibiting neonicotinoids. We will work with farmers and foresters to plant a million trees of native species to promote biodiversity and better flood management. Unlike the Conservatives who attempted to privatise our forests, Labour will keep them in public hands.

Our stewardship of the environment must be based on sound scientific principles. We will establish a Science Innovation Fund, working with farmers and fisheries, to encourage our small-scale businesses.