Labour in Cheshire East

Sam Corcoran


After the local Council Elections in May 2019, Labour, in an arrangement with the Independent Group of Councillors, form a majority. Labour’s Sam Corcoran was elected Leader.  Of the ten Cabinet Positions, there are six Labour Councillors who hold them. 

As well as Sam, the other five are:

Dorothy Flude (Children and Families), Laura Jeuda (Adult Social Care and Health), Nick Mannion (Environment and Re-generation), Jill Rhodes (Public Health and Corporate Services) and Brian Roberts (Highways and Waste).

Sam Corcoran said “the electors of Cheshire East clearly rejected the previous Conservative-led Rotten Borough image Cheshire East Council had acquired under their stewardship.  The deal with the Independent Councillor Group would last for one year while a consultation is held to decide whether to scrap the cabinet structure, instead running the Council through a series of Committees instead”. 

In the new arrangement, Conservative elected members are Chairs of all the scrutiny Committees.



The leader of Cheshire East Council, Sam Corcoran is keen to keep information flowing about what is happening on the newly convened Council.  His recent article in the Macclesfield Express (September 18th 2019), tells us about the new administration, what is currently on the agenda, and achievements so far.  We all have to bear in mind that this is the first time that the Council is not led by the Conservatives.  Sam, alongside all the Labour Councillors, are working hard to implement the changes needed to turn around the so-called “Rotten Borough” image the previous administration had acquired.

Sam reflects on the fact that, under the previous administration, all the cabinet members and committee chairs were Conservatives.  Therefore, Conservatives were checking up on Conservatives.  Sam tells us that he is not afraid of open scrutiny and the new Council has a balance between Labour, Independents and Conservatives.  The Council will be looking to create a different decision-making structure by bringing in a “Committee Structure” which gives less power to the leader and more power to individual Councillors.

Sam is pleased to announce that there are no senior officers suspended on full pay any more.  There are new heads of Finance and Legal and recruitment of a permanent Chief Executive is now under way.  He is also pleased to report that for the first time in four years the Council has received a clean audit report.

He feels confident that the policies in the Cheshire East Labour Manifesto are being set in motion.

Sam, and the Labour CE Councillors, want to be seen as open and above board, all honest feedback is welcome.


Labour-led Achievements so far on Cheshire East Council

Given the mess the new Council has had to take on, sorting out the “back office” mechanisms had to be a top priority.  This way, collectively, the new administration can create greater visibility and accountability.  This takes time, but it means that the general public can be better assured that Council Tax is spent more wisely.

However, given that the world faces a climate emergency, the Council has published an environment strategy. This has been done to reflect the one declared by Parliament.  The Council is already taking positive steps to reduce its carbon footprint.  As well as this, it is promoting cycling, including appointing a cycling and walking “champion”.

Wasting Council Tax money is also a top priority and one immediate action has been to encourage Council contractors to carry out patch repairs covering several potholes, rather than them making several trips to potholes in the same vicinity.

The Council is also aware of the cruelty inflicted on wildlife, and six volunteers have already been trained to vaccinate badgers in Tatton Park.

Given the urgent need for better accountability for housing and concerns by the Cheshire East community about the sites for house building and other issues, the Council is pleased to announce it has launched a consultation on planning development policies.

If you wish to take part in the consultations currently underway click on the link below.


Who are the Labour Councillors leading on Cheshire East Council

Cllr Dorothy Flude

Dorothy really cares about the health and well-being of our young people and she is leading on Children and Families

Cllr Laura Jeuda

Laura believes passionately in Social Justice and is leading on Adult Social Care and Health

Cllr Nick Mannion  

Nick believes in a sustainable future for Cheshire East and is leading on Environment and Regeneration

Nick is also the Chairperson of Macclesfield Constituency Labour Party

Cllr Jill Rhodes 

Jill strongly believes in the sustainability of our National Health Service and is leading on Public Health and Corporate Services

Cllr Brian Roberts  

Brian believes that we need an active response to the transport challenge in Cheshire East and he is leading on Highways and Waste

Macclesfield Labour Councillors on Cheshire East Council
Cllr Steve Carter

Cllr James Barber Broken Cross and Upton

Cllr Liz Braithwaite Macclesfield Central

Cllr Stephen Carter Macclesfield Hurdsfield

Cllr Ashley Farrall Macclesfield Central

Cllr Alift Harewood MBE

Macclesfield West and Ivy

Cllr Laura Jeuda Macclesfield South

Cllr Nick Mannion Macclesfield West and Ivy

Cllr Brian Puddicombe Macclesfield South

Cllr Rob Vernon Broken Cross and Upton