Why you should continue to support Labour

Our values are not going away

Labour will continue to support the creation of a fairer and more equal society and re-balance gender equality.  
We are committed to supporting a minimum living wage of £10 per hour for all workers and deal with the devastating effects that Tory austerity has inflicted on our society over the past 10 years.  We will continue to challenge the damaging effects that has been placed on individuals and households by the Conservative Policies on Universal Credit.  We are committed to deal with the long-term effects of the hostile environment orchestrated by the Tory administration whilst they have been in Government.
We are committed to looking after our elderly and vulnerable citizens, we are committed to protect the over 75s TV Licence which we believe has social and economic value.
We will spearhead initiatives to deal with the Climate Change emergency and it is the local Labour Councillors who are making things happen in the communities.  The effort to create a Green Industrial Revolution was, and still is, very popular.  We, alongside the Greens, are the only political party who have made significant policy decisions in that regard.  Local initiatives have already started and we will be at the forefront of these whilst the Tories will most likely dither and duck and dive.  There was no commitment from the Conservatives to deal with this issue and no “Friends of the Earth” pledge on climate action from the Macclesfield Conservative Association throughout the election campaign.
Technology is changing fast and we in the Labour Party recognise this.  We will embrace the positive elements of the so-called 3rd Industrial Revolution whilst dealing with any potential negative effects at local level.  This, we believe, will help us all gain benefits from those changes to help to truly create a society fit for the 21st Century.  All of this is creating a fairer and more equitable Macclesfield community and we believe this is the only way we can take our young people with us.
In the Macclesfield Labour Party, we believe in supporting everyone in our community.  Each year we elect special officers who each champion the needs and concerns of people who may feel disadvantaged by society.  
Our Special Officers for 2019-20 are:
Alift Harewood-Jones (BAME) – Ethnic Minorities
Sarah Bennett-Wake (LGBT)
Martin Powell (People with Disabilities)
Sheila Franklin (Women’s Forum)
James Barber (Young People)



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